Committed to the Sustainability and wellbeing of the planet

At NPP our goal is to ensure higher yields and better productivity for the farmers, larger profits for our business partners and investors and good health for the consumers. All of this along with an environment that flourishes for generations to come.

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Farmer Resilience

Our prime focus is on ushering prosperity for the farmers through improved water-use efficiency, carbon sequestration, nutrient-use efficiency, improved soil health and conservation of beneficials and more.

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Environmental Impact

We promote the use of natural solutions that ensure a higher yield, reduced impact of biotic and abiotic stresses and climate change, worker safety along with precise crop management. Aiming to nurture the environment for the future generations, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet

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Food Value Chain

Going beyond farms and farming we ensure a positive change in the complete food chain by ensuring better quality crops with reduced residues, lesser chemical applications and minimum synthetic fertilization. The aim is to maintain the quality of crops from the farmer to the consumer.