When many strengths join forces for a greater impact

The journey to being a company that worked to recreate a balanced world began with exploring and building many strengths. With one vision, we hope to now fast track our mission to restore and rebalance the planet we love.

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As NPP, we reimagine sustainability for growers, the environment, consumers and communities around the world. With bold and game changing thinking, advanced technologies and new ways to connect, we emphasize that each of us has an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference to the world.

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Since 1978, Stimuplant has been focused on growth-promoting bacterial inoculants. It became a part of UPL in 2019. Stimuplant adds various strengths like production, testing, extending shelf-life trials, and nodulation trials on soybean.

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Established in 1971, Goëmar pioneered the transformation and enhancement of algae in agriculture. The company is credited for discovering the first plant vaccine - VacciPlant. They bring strong processing & formulation expertise in producing natural biosolutions, innovation supported by research and 50 years of experience on seaweeds to the table.

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Grupo Bioquimico Mexicano, even before it became GBM, was a pioneer in manufacturing and commercialization of plant stimulants, based on natural extracts. Their high specialization in mode of action (MOA) studies for technical support of products, reengineering of Biozymes led to generating new specialization products, K Tionic, Foltron, Biofrut, Fitobolic, Pilatus, Humitron and more.

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NPP India and France

Established in March 2020, NPP India’s powerful portfolio boasts of a diverse microbial culture library backed by strong experience in extracting microbial potential, know-how in an effective upstream and downstream process. Their multi-fold product range includes bio-nematicides, bio-stimulants, bio-chelated micronutrients, bio-fertilizers, bio-fungicides, bio-grubicides, bio-acaricides and bio-insecticides.

Built in 1993, Natural Plant Protection France was a biotech company using natural actives in phytopharmaceuticals. They collaborated with Arysta LifeScience especially for Carpovirusine production. Their expertise in 4 technologies - Insect viruses (Carpovirusine), Entomopathogenic fungi (Ostrinil, Serenisim), Plant extracts (Argos, Pollinus, Biomite) and Pheromones (Cosmotrak, Rhynchotrak) is invaluable to NPP worldwide today.