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Natural Plant Protection – NPP, is a global leader in sustainable agricultural biosolutions

  • Armed with nine manufacturing sites, six R&D laboratories and seven experimental stations across the globe, NPP is the global leader in sustainable agricultural solutions.
  • Supported by UPL and its OpenAg® Network, NPP is perfectly placed in helping farmers across the globe address their pain points.
  • With its active presence in 138 countries across the globe NPP certainly has brought across an unprecedented expansion in the use of tiny micros from nature.
  • Our range of Biosolutions has been a life changing experience for global growers. Worldwide growers have been successfully introduced to the effective use of Biosolutions for crop stimulation, nutrition and protection.

Our Vision & Mission


At NPP, we start with nature's Micros. From these
tiny elements, we grow a big change. A truly natural, sustainable reality.


A people and a planet in harmony with one another. Higher yields, less impact. Healthier soils, wealthier farms. More, from less. Nature as it should be.