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Creating good soil to foster plant growth from seed germination to plant maturity

Acknowledging the connection between healthy soil and robust plants we have been focussed on enhancing the soil and enriching its nutrient value in order to let the plants absorb enough nutrients and grow well throughout their growth cycle. Our product range is designed to accelerate plant growth by increasing its nutrient absorption capacity and tolerance to abiotic stress. The goal is to promote sustainable farming that benefits all life on earth and reduces the environmental footprint.

Types of plant and soil health products

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Nutrient Use Efficiency

Facilitating the appropriate use of nutrients available in the soil for the proper growth of the plant is of prime importance to us. NPP uses cutting edge technology to specifically improve nutrient assimilation in soil so that the nutrients can be quickly and easily absorbed by the plants. This enables the plant to get optimum benefit of nutrients that are available in the soil as well as the capacity to absorb the ones that are externally applied.

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Abiotic Stress Management

Abiotic stress is a major threat to growing plants as it affects plant health adversely. Excessive heat or cold, water issues like scarcity of water, unexpected rains, extremes of rainfall resulting in either flood or drought are the main factors that cause abiotic stress to plants. With the continuous climate change causing the plants to combat the changes that arise in their surroundings the total yields depict significant losses every year.

NPP’s product range has been designed with the underlying principle of mitigating plant stress by using innovative and natural plant-based solutions to address the variety of issues caused by abiotic stress factors. Aiming to positively manage plant health, NPP brings concrete solutions to growers in an ever changing and challenging environment.

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Seed and Plant Stimulation

The quality and quantity of crop yields depend on its complete journey that starts from planting the seed. If done right it triggers the early growth in plants so that the crop is all set on an optimum growth trajectory. Equally essential is stimulating the plant physiology at different key growth stages such as germination, vegetative and reproductive to keep this trajectory towards optimised yield.

NPP solutions are formulated to provide the plant a complete bio-solution system that ensures optimised growth throughout its growth cycle from planting seed to harvest. With proprietary technologies, NPP continues to deliver the impetus that the plants require to maximise their growth in all phases.

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Soil Health

Maintaining good soil health is the prerogative of ensuring better farming with good quality crop yield in abundance. Healthy soil leads to a well balanced ecosystem where there is complete harmony in the various forms of life. By maintaining healthy soil NPP’s aspiration for sustainable carbon capture and sequestration can be achieved with a positive Global Soil Health platform.

NPP’s focus is on the regenerative agricultural principles with the core mechanics of a healthy soil where plants can make optimum use of their environment by existing in harmony with soil microbes. NPP’s understanding of what is required is reflected in its extensive range of products that meet the environmental requirements in the present while also making provisions to rebuild the soil for the future.

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Water Management

One of the most essential natural resources, water fulfils many demands of the planet and its inhabitants. Climate change too puts it under pressure as the demand for fresh water is ever increasing. All life including vegetation makes a claim on water resources. So responsible consumption and avoiding water wastage is critical. NPP has been in the forefront in this with its unique water management solutions. It has made use of the comprehensive strength of water holding technologies and improved soil health to enable better farming techniques.

We have products that enrich the soil structure by improving the microbiome and help the soil hold and release water as and when needed by the crop. The increased volume of the roots also prevents water wastage as leachates which otherwise results in loss of essential nutrients.

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Value to Growers

Value to Growers Infographic
  1. 1. Reduces the use of traditional chemical pesticides, without affecting crop yield
  2. 2. The biopesticides are pest-specific (broad spectrum chemical pesticides may affect organisms other than the targeted pests, such as plants, birds, insects and mammals)
  3. 3. Effective in very small quantities and even decompose quickly
  4. 4. Use in rotation with other biopesticides leads to optimal pest management while avoiding resistance problems
  5. 5. Biopesticides do not have harvest restrictions (A harvest restriction is a waiting period between pesticide application and the crop harvest)

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